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High Quality Ballotin Gift Boxes from the UK's leading Confectionery Packaging Specialist

The word "ballotin" originated in the French language, meaning "small package of goods". Ballotin cartons (sometimes called ballotin boxes) are elegant, single piece cartons designed for simple product insertion and they are a perfect canvas for creative packaging decoration.

Meridian is the foremost manufacturer of ballotins in the UK, offering a wide range of sizes, colours and finishes. The chances are you will have handled one of our ballotins in the past - either from our elegant and expansive range of stock lines or one of the millions of custom cartons we produce each year in a variety of styles from fold-flat, envelope bottom, crash-lock bottom, D-lock, transparent ballotins, printed, foiled and embossed premium designs for the UK's leading premium retailers, or those we produce for sale outside of the UK.

Ballotins are almost always tapered, meaning that they are larger in size at the opening. This unique shape is part of the traditional appeal of this style of packaging. However, straight-sided ballotins can be developed - and even twisted-side ballotins, cartons with scalloped edges and many other innovative plays on the original form are all possible. Our design team is always interested in a challenge so if you want something a little bit different from standard gift packaging, we would be happy to create it with you. The benefit of being a deeper carton is that multiple layers can be added using our cushion pad inserts or through the use of layer cards, which we can provide to custom sizes and designs on request.

The Chocolate Ballotin or Fudge Ballotin Box is the most common application for our cartons, but although originally designed for use with chocolates and fudge, ballotins are also used as wedding favour boxes with sugared almonds or other favour gifts and the larger sizes can also be used for soaps, candles or other gifts.